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The Second EP
Quantum Lyrics

What the Press Said

"Napier and Henwood have struck gold with Quantum Lyrics. It’s a masterful stroke of lyrical genius, a perfectly formed musical bundle filled with joy, reflection, humour, wisdom and knowledge. They are lyricists of the highest order, and their musings will delight many with their engrossing tales underpinned by their philosophical ruminations.


An absorbing, astute and ingenious EP from a very gifted duo. I can’t recommend it enough."

Alex Gallagher, Folk Radio UK

‘Scientifically seductive, delectably dark and digitally delicious song-craft!’

Mike Hackett, Ethnomusicologist/Researcher/Broadcaster 

Folk and Trad Show, Ballinakillaloe Radio


‘Something pretty interesting and classy!’

Josienne Clark

“The new album Quantum Lyrics by The Story Song Scientists – so many clever songs on this... brilliant, absolutely fantastic.”

Frank Hennessy BBC Radio Wales

"Wonderfully 'singular' in its conception and realisation, take a quantum leap in and enjoy."

FATEA Magazine, Mike Davies


"Life would be immeasurably poorer without projects like this. Let’s hope the duo get back into the lab as soon as possible."

At the Barrier, Mike Ainscoe


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